Around the World in (Less than) 40 Days

Uluru from the Campsite

These pages include a pictorial story of my first trip around the world, between August 8th and September 14th, 2002.

The Plan(ning)

I've had a dream of going around the world for a long time plus also seeing Australia. So it was obvious from the start, that one of the main places to visit (even for a short time) would be Australia if I was going around the world. Second place I wanted to visit was Seattle, as a long-time net friend of mine, Michael Kenrick lives there. We had been maintaining a web-page, Toffeeweb for a long time, although I haven't been involved in it for years. I also wanted to see, if possible, Everton play (Everton is a football team in the English Premiership), so England was high in my agenda.

Apart from these, I was very much open for suggestions. Places I planned included Japan, New Zealand and South Africa among others. Both for financial and other reasons my trip finally found it's basic route: I would fly from Oulu to Paris through Stockholm and Copenhagen (only stopping to change planes in these two), continue to Singapore late in the night and stay overnight. Next day I would head to Sydney, spend some ten days there before leaving for Fiji. I would have wanted to either stay longer or not so long in Fiji, but three days it was due to timetables. Then I would spend one night in Hawaii and fly to Vancouver, spend a few days there, take a bus to Seattle for a week, and after that, get back to Vancouver for a flight to London. I would then spend about a week in England (and possibly Wales) before heading back to Finland.

I then added a flight to Uluru to see one of the wonders of the world (and one of the top places in the world I wanted to visit). I couldn't quite decide on what to do once I get to Great Britain, but I had a few things in my mind. Due to bus and train timetables, I didn't quite get to do all I wanted. I also visited Canberra, something I didn't decide until I was in Sydney.

The Trip

I have divided the trip into sub-chapters. The easiest way to navigate each sub-section is to start from picture one, and move to next by clicking on the larger picture (in the picture page). Clicking the last picture of a chapter takes you back to the index of that chapter.


I have used a variety of hardware and software to create the pictures and pages. Here are some of those:

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